Adult Classes

The Kittery Community Center would like to announce that we are now taking registrations for the following adult activities. All registrations must be done at the Community Center-120 Rogers Rd., or online at as we no longer accept phone registrations.

Drop-ins Available--Did you know that many of our fitness classes offer a drop-in rate?  It's best to call in advance to make sure that the session is running for the class you want to try out!

Zentangle Meditative Drawing with Joyce Amend

Zentangle is a meditative process of creating art, wherein simple shapes and lines combine to make beautiful and interesting artworks. If you can draw a line and a circle (perfectly or not), you can Zentangle. The focus of Zentangle is on the process of creation rather than the end result. It is both fun and stress-relieving. Zentangle embraces beauty and accepts imperfections. This absorbing art form can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

Instructor: Joyce Amend
Who: Adults
When: Monthly, Every 2nd Thursday, 1:30-3:30pm 
  Sept 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 8
Cost: Resident $15/Nonresident $20, plus a one time material fee of $10 paid directly to instructor

Free Fitness Room Orientation

Want to join the fitness room but don't know where to start?  If an introduction to the machines is what you need, join us for an hour-long orientation on our equipment with one of our personal trainers.

Instructor: Josh Saklad
Who: 16+
When: Saturdays, 9:00-10:00am
  Oct 14, Nov 18, Dec 16, Jan 20
Instructor: Sara Bigelson
Who: 16+
When: Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30pm
  Sept 13, Nov 15, Dec 13, Jan 10
Cost: Free - must pre-register though

Cardio Dance & Tone with Sara Bigelson

No dance experience necessary to have fun and get a total body workout. Easy to follow dance steps to fabulous music while holding light weights to work muscle endurance. Please bring water with you along with a desire to shake it up!  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Sara Bigelson
Who: 18+
When: Tuesdays, 11:15am-12:15pm
  Sept 19-Oct 24 - 6 wks
  Nov 14-Dec 19 - 6 wks
  Jan 9-Feb 13 - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $52/Nonresident $57

Everybody Can Do Yoga with Sara Bigelson

If you sit at a desk all day, if you are rehabilitating from injuries, if you have issues getting up from the floor and down to the floor, if you have arthritic joints/limited joint mobility, if you would just like a yoga class where you know you are not going to jump from one pose to another...then this is the class for you!  This form of yoga uses a chair as a prop.  We will practice either sitting in a chair or standing and using the chair for support.  We will experience increased strength and flexibility.  We will restore and increase our balance.  We will breathe and relax.  We will not be wearing shoes in class.  Please do not eat a heavy meal for at least an hour before class.   

Instructor: Sara Bigelson
Who: Ages 55+
When: Tuesdays, 10:00am-11:00am
  Sept 19-Oct 24 - 6 wks

Nov 14-Dec 19 - 6 wks

  Jan 9-Feb 13 - 6 wks
When: Fridays, 10:15-11:15am
  Sept 22-Oct 27 - 6 wks
  Nov 17-Dec 22 - 6 wks
  Jan 12-Feb 16 - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $52/Nonresident $57

Line Dancing with Sara Bigelson

Learn all types of line dancing for beginners to intermediates, waltzes, cha-chas, rhumbas, polkas, etc.  This is such a fun class that has choreographed dances that are taught step by step in segments without music and then music is added later.  Come try out a class!  Line dancing is a great way to stay healthy and is great exercise!  No experience is necessary and no partner needed! 

Instructor: Sara Bigelson
Who: Adults
When: Fridays, 1:00-2:30pm
  Ongoing starting Sept 22
When: Fridays, 10:00am-11:30am
  June 9-Sept 15
Cost: $5 per class

Piyo Live with Courtney Warren

Piyo is a workout that is choreographed to build strength.  It is a blend of pilates/yoga inspired moves with up-tempo music and fluid motion, sure to increase flexibility and prevent injury.  It creates a new kind of STRONG!  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Courtney Warren
Who: 18+
When: Thursdays, 6:00-7:00pm
  Sept 14-Nov 2 - 8 wks
  Nov 16-Jan 11 (skip 11/23) - 8 wks
  Jan 25-Mar 15 - 8 wks

Resident $62/Nonresident $67

Salsa Bootcamp with Nina El-Badry

Learn the fundamentals of salsa in a fun and challenging class.  Fast-paced class to get you feeling confident on the dance floor! No partner needed.  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Nina El-Badry
Who: 18+
When: Saturdays, 1:00-2:00pm
  Oct 7-Nov 18 (skip 11/11) - 6 wks
  Dec 2-Jan 13 (skip 12/23) - 6 wks
  Feb 3-Mar 10 - 6 wks

Resident $60/Nonresident $65

Ladies Salsa Styling with Nina El-Badry

Alma Cubana Salsa Team performance class.  Open to 18+.  Learn footwork, body movement, partnering and fun/sassy salsa routine to be performed locally and nationally. No drop ins.

Instructor: Nina El-Badry
Who: 18+
When: Saturdays, 2:00-3:15pm
  Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb
  4 classes per month

Resident $60/Nonresident $65


Join 8th Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor of the NE Okinawan Karate Dojo, Greg Lazarus for our new Karate Program!  He welcomes students (8 years of age and older) that come to him with the desire to learn the true essence of Matsumura Seito Karate-do.  Shihan Lazarus has been training students since 1980. Our classes stress Traditional Protocol, Self-Discipline and Quality Authentic Training and Techniques. Classes are continued all year. Family discounts are offered. Please come by the studio and watch one of our classes or try a free intro class.

Instructor: Shihan Greg Lazarus
Who: Ages 8-13

Mondays & Thursdays, 5:45-6:30pm


Sept-Nov; Dec-Feb; Mar-May

Who: Ages 14+
When: Mondays & Thursdays, 6:45-7:45pm
  Sept-Nov; Dec-Feb; Mar-May

Residents - $200/one and $165/ea add’l family member          Nonresidents - $205/one and $170/ea add'l family member

Jazz Exploration for Adults with Larissa Fogg

Want a fun way to stay active?  Look no further! Come explore the many different aspects of Jazz dance including: Musical Theater, Classical Jazz, Afro-Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Latin Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and everything in between! You’ll learn about this fun, fascinating style of dance while getting your blood flowing and body moving! We’ll start with a warm up which will be followed by a combination in one of the many forms of Jazz. The combination will change every few weeks. Classes are open to all abilities!  Drop in fee $12/class.  

Instructor: Larissa Fogg
Who: 18+
When: Mondays, 2:45-3:45pm
  Sept 11-Oct 23 (skip 10/9) - 6 wks
  Oct 30-Dec 4 - 6 wks
  Jan 8-Feb 26 (skip 1/15 & 2/19)
Fee: Resident $48/Non-resident $53

Morning Scrunch with Andy Ferragamo

Strength + Crunches = SCRUNCH.  Morning Scrunch is a full body workout using dumbbells, weighted balls and other props to keep your interest! We will combine short (minutes); but effective, non-impact cardio drills with strength, flexibility and balance work. This energizing class serves the need of varying fitness levels. This one hour class will create some core commotion! If you want to become stronger, more fit and lean while increasing your overall body confidence level, you will discover that this is not only achievable---but enjoyable!! Please bring a set of dumbbells appropriate for your level: 5, 8, or 10 pounds, and an exercise mat.  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Andy Ferragamo
Who: 16+
When: Wednesdays & Fridays, 9:00-10:00am
  Sept 13-Oct 27 - 7 wks
  Nov 1-Dec 22 (skip week of 11/20) - 7 wks
Cost: Resident $95/Nonresident $100

Bend, Breathe & Stretch with Andy Ferragamo

BEND, BREATHE & STRETCH is an hour class that incorporates 30 minutes of yoga postures (asanas) followed by 30 minutes of full body stretching, flexibility and balance movements.  This class is designed for all ages and is of benefit to deconditioned participants as well as to athletes. It can be a class to get you back in contact with your body or alleviate soreness and tightness from your athletic/sports pursuits or routine activities. No experience is necessary.  Yoga (30 minutes) is for people of all ages. It is never too late—or too early to start. Yoga includes a vast repertoire of postures and their variations to satisfy a wide range of students and varying abilities. Your practice helps combat stress, improves your flexibility, teaches healthy breathing techniques and generally improves or maintains your health and fitness level.  Stretching (30 minutes) is a very important component of any fitness regime; for general fitness or for better sports performance and injury prevention. Stretching relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles. Other benefits of stretching include: improvements in posture, athletic performance, and energy level, reduction in stress (and encourages an optimistic outlook), soreness and cholesterol levels.

This will not be a boring, “Am I done yet??” class. We will use straps, yoga blocks and other props that will assist and enhance your workout………and STILL have FUN!! Imagine!!  Please bring a yoga mat and water to class.  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Andy Ferragamo
Who: 18+
When: Fridays, 10:00-11:00am
  Sept 15-Oct 27- 7 wks
  Nov 3-Dec 22 (skip 11/24) - 7 wks
Cost: Resident $56/Nonresident $61

Yoga Classes with Niki Floros

Join Niki for a yoga class that is appropriate for all levels.  This class is a fusion of gentle movement, mindful breathing, meditation and relaxation.  Explore poses and stretches to feel good in your body and improve range of motion.  Learn breathing and meditation techniques to improve mental focus and self awareness.  In addition to a yoga mat, a blanket or towel is recommended.  Drop in fee $13/class.

Instructor: Niki Floros
Who: 16+
When: Wednesdays 9:00-10:00am
  Sept 13-Oct 18 - 6 wks

Oct 25-Nov 29 - 6 wks

  Dec 13-Jan 17 - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $52/Nonresident $57

Teen/Adult Ballet with Susan Duffy

This class will introduce the foundations of ballet, including floor stretching, barre work, and center work. The focus will be on strengthening leg and arm muscles, improve posture and flexibility and strengthening the core, all while enjoying the art of dance. Stay in shape by dancing! No prior dance experience necessary.  No drop ins.


Susan Duffy




Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm


Sept 19-Dec 5 - 12 wks

  Jan 2-Mar 20 - 12 wks


Saturdays, 10:00-11:30am


Sept 23-Dec 9 - 12 wks

  Jan 6-Mar 24 - 12 wks


Residents $125/Nonresidents $130

Free Kundalini Yoga for First Responders, Veterans and Their Families with Anjali Race Quinn

Use Kundalini yoga breathing, poses, matras and mudras to create balance in your life.  Yoga helps to over come all obstacles in your life: PTSD, anxiety, and mental/emotional imbalances.  Kundalini yoga will enhance and improve focus, physical and emotional well-being, reduce anger and improve overall ability to enjoy life and love. 

Instructor:  Anjali Race Quinn
Who: 18+                                                                                                                      
When: Saturdays, 8:00-9:00am

Sept 16-Oct 21 - 6 wks

  Nov 4-Dec 9 - 6 wks
  Jan 6-Feb 10 - 6 wks
Cost: FREE for vets, 1st responders and their families.  Please pre-register though.

Beginner Tap Dance with Lew-Ann Leen

Come and explore this great American Dance with its rich rhythms and unique styles. Anyone can be a hoofer if the desire to tap their toe is there. Lew-Ann offers a basic introduction to all who gotta dance. So get out your tap shoes and let’s dance!  Drop in fee $15/class.

Instructor: Lew-Ann Leen
Who: 18+
When: Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm
  Sept 19-Nov 7 - 8 wks
Cost: Resident $82/Nonresident $87

Intermediate Tap Dance with Lew-Ann Leen

Come and explore this great American Dance with its rich rhythms and unique styles. Anyone can be a hoofer if the desire to tap their toe is there. Lew-Ann offers a basic introduction to all who gotta dance. So get out your tap shoes and let’s dance!  Drop in fee $15/class.

Instructor: Lew-Ann Leen
Who: 18+
When: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm
  Sept 19-Nov 7 - 8 wks
Cost: Resident $82/Nonresident $87

American Mah Jong

Beginners and seasoned players are welcome! For more information, call Linda at 207-703-9961.

Who: Adults
When: Wednesdays, 1:00-4:00pm
 Cost: FREE

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