Star Theatre

Mon Apr 06 @ 6:00PM -
Movies Rated Excellent - Carol's Journey
Fri Apr 17 @ 8:00PM -
Patrick Dorow Productions: FAME - The Musical
Sat Apr 18 @ 3:00PM -
Patrick Dorow Productions: FAME - The Musical
Sat Apr 18 @ 8:00PM -
Patrick Dorow Productions: FAME - The Musical
Sun Apr 19 @ 5:00PM -
Patrick Dorow Productions: FAME - The Musical
Fri Apr 24 @ 8:00PM -
Patrick Dorow Productions: FAME - The Musical
Sat Apr 25 @11:00AM -
PDP's Youth Mainstage: School House Rocks!


The Star Theatre at the Kittery Community Center offers a unique venue for live theatre, music, dance, and other performance events. The newly transformed site offers state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, and retractable seating for 171, making it possible to schedule everything from plays, dance recitals, movie screenings, wedding receptions, bands etc. Additionally, the galleries adjoining the Performing Arts Center offer space for rotating visual art exhibits. Artists interested in submitting proposals for performing event rentals should contact Jeremy Paul at 207-439-3800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applications are subject to approval by the Arts and Cultural Committee.

Theatre Seat Fundraiser

For $200 per seat, a plaque with your name on it will be displayed on one of the theatre seats. Proceeds go directly to fund the enhancement of the theatre. Call (207) 439-3800 for more information.



Upcoming Presentations and Events in the Star Theatre



Films Rated Excellent - Independent Film Series

Mondays - 6pm - FREE

Movies you shouldn't miss but probably did!  Shown in the STAR Theatre on our 20' x 30' movie screen! 

Monday, March 2 - AALTRA  - 

After discovering that his neighbor's farmhand Gus (Benoît Delépine) has been sleeping with his wife, Ben (Gustave De Kervern) rides out into the fields to confront him. In the resulting fistfight, both men fall into the gaping jaws of a combine harvester. Upon awakening in the hospital paralyzed, t… Morehe two rivals -- now paraplegics -- decide to hitchhike to Finland, where they hope to obtain a hefty settlement for their injuries at the corporate headquarters of the combine's manufacturer, Aaltra.

Monday, April 6 - Carol's Journey  - 

Carol, a twelve-year-old Spanish-American girl from New York, travels with her mother to Spain in the spring of 1938, at the height of the Civil War. Separated from her beloved father, Carol arrives in her mother's home village and transforms the secretive family environment. Her innocence and rebellious nature drive her at first to reject a world that is at once new and foreign. But she soon journeys into adulthood through a friendship with Maruja, the village teacher, and a young local boy, Tomiche.

Monday, May 18 - Anytown, USA 

Three Candidates, Two blind Politicians, One Race. Anytown USA follows a tightly run race in the small town of Bogota, New Jersey and resonates as an all-too-familiar look at partisan politics in our increasingly polarized nation.



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April 17-26, 2015

The pop-culture phenomenon about the legendary New York High School of the Performing Arts lives forever.

An unmistakable title from the unforgettable film & television franchise, Fame - The Musical inspired generations to fight for fame and light up the sky like a flame! Conceived and developed by David De Silva, this high-octane musical features the Academy Award-winning title song and a host of other catchy pop numbers.
Set during the last years of New York City's celebrated High School of Performing Arts, Fame-The Musical is the bittersweet, but ultimately inspiring story of a diverse group of students as they commit to four years of grueling artistic and academic work.  All fo the struggles, fears, and triumphs - from prejudice to substance abuse are depicted with razor-sharp focus as the young artists navigate the worlds of music, drama and dance.


Patrick Dorow Productions Community Focus Program Partner for this show will be Families First.  We will be sharing the spotlight with them to heighten awareness and to help raise funds.  Families First Health & Support Center is an independent, non-profit community health center and family resource center serving the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine.  Our mission is to contribute to the health and well being of the Seacoast community by providing a broad range of health and family services to all, regardless of ability to pay.

For more information visit

 Purchase Tickets for FAME

Friday, April 17 8:00pm   $20/$25  buy now 
Saturday, April 18   3:00pm $20/$25 buy now 
Saturday, April 18 8:00pm $20/$25 buy now
Sunday, April 19 5:00pm $20/$25 buy now 
Friday, April 24 8:00pm $20/$25 buy now
Saturday, April 25 3:00pm $20/$25 buy now
Saturday, April 25 8:00pm $20/$25 buy now
Sunday, April 26 5:00pm $20/$25 buy now






PDP's Youth Mainstage Production - Theatre For Youth By Youth

April 25 & 26, 2015

Based on the 1970's Emmy® Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series, Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR is a fast-paced musical that teaches simple lessons with clever, catchy tunes!

This energetic musical, which follows Tom, a young school teacher, who is nervous about his first day of teaching. He tries to relax by watching TV when various characters representing facets of his personality emerge from the set and show him how to win his students over with imagination and music. Memorable songs as “Just A Bill,” “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly,” and “Conjunction Junction” bring his lesson plans vividly to life.

Patrick Dorow Productions Community Focus Program Partner for this show will be Families First. We will be sharing the spotlight with them to heighten awareness and to help raise funds. Families First Health & Support Center is an independent, nonprofit community health center and family resource center serving the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Our mission is to contribute to the health and well being of the Seacoast community by providing a broad range of health and family services to all, regardless of ability to pay.

For more information visit

Purchase Tickets for SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!

Saturday, April 25  11:00am    $15 buy now 
Sunday, April 26 11:00am $15 buy now 
Sunday, April 26 2:00pm $15 buy now




KCC Lecture Series:  Case Closed on the 1873 Smuttynose Ax Murders

April 29, 2015 - 7pm - FREE

Seacoast historian J. Dennis Robinson offers the final word on the cold-blooded murder of two innocent Norwegian women at the Isles of Shoals on March 6, 1873.  The killer, a Prussian fisherman down on his luck, was quickly captured, convicted in a widely publicized trial, and hanged in an unforgettable gallows spectacle.  But the handsome killer managed to convince a circle of admirers of his innocence.  A fictionalized bestselling novel and a Hollywood film (Weight of Water) have further clouded the truth.  Years in the making, Robinson's definitive "whydunnit" MYSTERY ON THE ISLES OF SHOALS, fleshes out the facts surrounding this tragic robbery gone wrong.  Replacing fiction, hoax, and myth with facts, the author will present a one-hour illustrated lecture and sign copies of his book. 

A steward to Smuttynose Island, Robinson is the author of 12 books including the histories of Strawbery Banke Museum and Wentworth by the Sea hotel.  He writes the biweekly "History Matters" column for the Portsmouth Herald and is the owner of the website


Coastal Home Banner

Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd - 10am-4pm

Adults $5, Seniors 55+ $3, Children under 18 Free 

The Coastal Home & Garden Show is the perfect place to find the best convenience and savings.  Great home building, remodeling and landscaping exhibits and ideas for the home of your dreams!  Also - a great opportunity to find a gift for Mother's Day!  Build, Improve, Enhance and Beautify your home!


Morgan Gallery


Now showing: Traip Academy Visual Arts - Student Art Display

Traip Academy aims to promote engagement in the visual arts by offering a variety of art courses that emphasize the strengths and interests of every student. Traip offers traditional courses such as Art Fundamentals, Drawing, Painting, and Pottery, as well as more unconventional courses like Mixed Media and Stained Glass. I see the art curricula as a critical aspect of a student’s education and a venue for promoting confidence and self-esteem that has the potential to positively affect the students lives both within and beyond the school setting. My content based approach to art education aims at promoting visual literacy, as well as the development of artistic skills and techniques, through teaching students about various historical and cross-cultural art forms and artists. Many of my art units teach specific skills and concepts, while simultaneously promoting student choice as they are encouraged to draw upon their own unique interests and experiences. Through teaching art, I hope to help students identify the many ways in which art can be used to make a powerful difference in the world.


Collaborative and interdisciplinary learning opportunities form the basis of my approach to teaching art. For example, the large-scale Sharpie collaboration on display at KCC has easily been one of the most successful and popular projects completed by my art students this quarter. The mural is influenced by the political narrative work of the Beehive Collective, a grassroots organization located in Maine. Drawing I students began the process by brainstorming a theme for their mural, settling on “coexistence”.  I then broke students into collaborative groups of four-five students. In each group I tried to combine big picture thinkers with more detail-oriented minds. As they worked, students were encouraged to think about how their panel of the mural would eventually connect to the others. About once or twice every class, we would put all of the panels together and work on connecting them. Throughout every class period, each group would take on the responsibility of communicating with one another in order to connect their work. The goal was not to have four separate artworks, but one unified mural.


Throughout the lesson, many 21st century learning skills were reinforced. Students developed critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, as well as an understanding of the importance of communication and collaboration. Perseverance and Resiliency was crucial to the success of the mural, as they were required to constantly problem solve in order to fix mistakes. Students came to understand the artistic process as constantly evolving and developing. This lesson taught students the importance of hard work, critical thinking, perseverance, communication, and collaboration.

The  Morgan Gallery, at the Kittery Community Center at Frisbee Common, is made possible through a generous donation by the Morgan Family of Kittery, ME.  The gallery space is prominently located by the STAR THEATRE and provides a new venue for showcasing works by visual artists. The KCC Arts and Culture Committee is responsible for curating the programming and schedules an ongoing series of art exhibits to showcase visual artists.  Professional artists are encouraged to submit works for review for future exhibits.  All works are reviewed and juried by a sub-committee of the Arts and Culture committee. 


Weddings and Special Events

Whether you are looking to reserve a wedding and/or reception, birthday party, shower, memorial service, business conference or banquet, the KCC is the place for you!Our newly renovated 55,000 square foot building has a multitude of options for your function. A full-size gymnasium for major business conferences; a 200-person capacity STAR Theatre; a 60-person capacity Community room; small meeting rooms for up to 30 people...we have your event space covered! Also available is a commercial kitchen for rent, or we can suggest a local caterer for all your food and beverage needs.Utilize the state-of-the-art sound and lighting in the STAR Theatre. Project a movie or video onto the new 20' x 30' movie screen. Use the free, building-wide wi-fi for your presentations. Plus, we have plenty of parking and are easily accessible from  I-95!   

rounds and chairs3 guaywedding band playing 2 Set up with people


The Kittery Community Center at Frisbee Common has announced the name STAR THEATRE for its new 2,500 square foot performing arts center. The newly transformed space offers state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and retractable seating for 171. The theatre is incorporated into the Community Center's overall 55,000 square foot renovation of the former c.1940 Frisbee School. The beautiful high brick space offers a unique venue to the surrounding region for a wide range of activities from live theatre, music & dance to movie screenings, weddings and community meetings. Galleries adjacent to the theatre offer space for visual arts exhibitions.The STAR THEATRE name recognizes the generosity of the lead donor to the project - the Ralph E. Ogden Foundation - a family foundation based in New York's Hudson River Valley. Ogden Foundation trustee and Kittery Point resident, Peter Lamb, commented, "The family owned and operated Star Expansion Industries for nearly a hundred years. We have a long history of supporting the arts and community based projects that encourage the creative economy and environmental stewardship. This project renovated a terrific old building, aggregates many community activities under one roof and is adjacent to the Spruce Creek watershed." Funding to fully outfit the theatre came from dozens of individuals, businesses and organizations and totaled nearly $150,000. The Ogden Foundation partnered with the Maine Community Foundation to issue a challenge matching grant to encourage additional contributors. "It's great to see so many who now have a stake in the ongoing success of the Community Center!" Lamb continued.The Kittery Community Center is quickly becoming known for its high quality programs including sports, child care, youth & adult programming, community events, dance and fitness. Center Director Janice Grady added, "STAR THEATRE has given us an important arts component to the overall Community Center mission. It enables us to reach out to the surrounding region and build on Kittery's growing reputation as a cultural destination. We are very grateful to the many donors who have made this all possible. And, It's fun to recognize the support of the Ogden Foundation in this way, because everyone loves a Star!"For more information on STAR THEATRE contact the Community Center at (207) 439-3800. 



Call to Artists

Local Visual Artists Invited to Submit Proposals

The Kittery Community Center at Frisbee Common, the newly renovated center and performing arts space, invites local visual artists to submit proposals for review.

Located at 120 Rogers Road (Old Frisbee School) in Kittery, ME, the newly renovated community center offers a state-of-the-art performing center and arts exhibition space available for artists. The proposals will be reviewed by the Arts & Culture Committee responsible for curating the performance center’s programming. The Committee plans to schedule an ongoing series of month-long art exhibits at the KCC to showcase artists from the greater Kittery community and provide regional artists a brand new artistic venue.

Designated areas for the art exhibits are prominently located at the entrance to the Star Theatre and may expand to additional spaces. Selected artists will be scheduled for month-long exhibits of solo or group shows.

Professional artists are encouraged to submit 20 jpeg images, artist statement and resume to A&C committee member Jean Lincoln at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All works will be reviewed and juried by an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Arts and Culture Committee.

Download Artists' Contract

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