STAR Theatre

About the Star theatre

The STAR Theatre offers a unique venue for live theatre, performance events, lectures, trainings, workshops, and movies. This theatre offers state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, a 20′ x 30′ movie screen with HD projector and retractable seating for 171, making it possible to schedule everything from plays, dance recitals and movie screenings to wedding receptions, concerts and lectures. **Listening devices available for the hearing impaired.


Due to limited seating in the STAR Theatre, register in advance for the film showing at the KCC or by calling 439-3800.

KCC Free lecture series presents: Reflections on robert w. traip academy, may 13, 7:00pm

Local historian, Donald Hands, will review the history of high school education in Kittery beginning with classes at the Armory in Kittery and through the development of Traip Academy. His presentation is packed with pictures, articles, and stories from students.

Donald Hands is a Kittery resident whose love for the town is expressed in the historical presentations about Kittery he freely gives to the public. He lives with his wife, three cats, and a dog.

$25 General admission

plus venue and processing fees

seacoast rep teen mainstage presents: Rent school edition

A picture of a gentrifying community in the midst of the AIDS crisis. For a lot of theatre kids, RENT was their first experience with a relevant “edgy” gritty-but-hopeful contemporary musical. Now our teens will take their turn.